Some Tesla fans are gearing up for exceptionally happy holidays, as signature series Model X deliveries are being scheduled for possibly hundreds of customers. The news emerged quietly, as drivers—who shelled out $40,000 a few years ago to score one of these all-electric SUVs—began posting about their delivery dates on social media. Tesla launched the Model X just a few short months ago, at first delivering the Founders Series models to insiders who worked on the car’s development. Although consumer deliveries for the Model X weren’t expected to begin until 2016, some have reported delivery dates as early as this weekend.

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Tesla’s Model X is the longest range all-electric SUV on the market. It’s a powerful ride with a 5,000-pound towing capacity and seating for up to seven passengers. And those amazing and oh-so-beautiful falcon wing doors are unlike anything the auto industry has ever seen. The all-electric SUV is the culmination of years of engineering, testing, tweaking, secret leaking, and, yes, working and reworking those exotic automated doors.

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A quick check of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter account shows he’s keeping hush-hush about the upcoming Model X deliveries, preferring instead to focus on SpaceX business, as the updated Falcon 9 rocket prepares to launch from Cape Canaveral. (During the previous launch attempt, the rocket exploded mere minutes after launch.) The new rocket should blast off in “a few days,” which—if successful—could act as a nice, nerdy celebratory projection as some incredibly patient Tesla fans finally get the keys to that thing at the top of their holiday wish lists.

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