Electric car conversions are popping up more and more as tinkerers put Tesla parts into other vehicles. Electrek recently shared an impressive example: the Teslonda, a 1981 Honda Accord converted by Jim Belosic of Reno, Nevada. Belosic equipped the car with a Performance Large Tesla Drive Unit from HSR Motors and a Chevy Volt battery pack. The Teslonda’s body may be nearly 40 years old, but the modified car can go from zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds.

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If you see a 1981 Honda Accord rolling around the streets of Reno, it just might have a Tesla drive unit inside. Belosic, CEO of software company ShortStack who wrenches with cars as a hobby, told Inhabitat, “I’ve kept [the Honda Accord] around but I wasn’t driving it much…so I figured modernizing it with an electric drivetrain would be kinda fun. I haven’t worked with electric vehicle systems before, but I really think that is where the future is headed so I figured I should learn the technology. I’ve always been into modifying and hotrodding cars, so going electric is the next step.”

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Belosic shared a video of the Teslonda accelerating on YouTube, and said the 2.7 seconds milestone happened with “38 degree asphalt, cold tires, and a cold battery. I’m thinking 2.5 seconds is possible.”

Electric Gasser hahaha 🙂 #teslonda #gasser #hondaaccord #teslalife

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Electrek said HSR Motors’ Performance Large Tesla Drive Unit offers a peak power output of 400 kilowatts. Jason Hughes, whom Electrek described as a prominent Tesla hacker, started HSR Motors after purchasing lots of Model X and Model S salvaged vehicles, repairing some and using components of others in projects such as a home energy storage system. He’s now selling Tesla drive units, battery modules, and a custom control system through HSR Motors.

Belosic has also worked on a steam car and posted videos on YouTube. He told Inhabitat, “It’s fun to learn something new, just like the steam car last year. Next year maybe I’ll do something turbine-powered.” He shared more images of the Teslonda and his other projects on Instagram; you can check them out here.

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Teslonda, Jimmy Built, Honda Accord, Accord, car, electric car