Just when you thought the Tesla Model S couldn’t get any faster, along comes Ludicrous Mode. What’s that you ask? Tesla revealed today that the Model S is getting a major upgrade with a new battery pack that will take the car from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds. The upgrade, appropriately called Ludicrous Mode is a step up from the Insane Mode and will be available for $3,000. The new battery will also amp up the car’s range by 15 miles for a total of 300 freeway miles on a single charge.

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Ludicrous Mode – or Luuuudicrous Mode, as Musk calls it – is a 90kWh battery upgrade from the base 70kWh battery on the Model S. The basic model retails for $70,000 (which comes out to about $50,000 after incentives). When asked what the company hopes the upgrade will do for sales, he said “I have no idea. We are just trying to make awesome cars.” To that end, Musk discussed his personal trials of theself-driving software, noting that he has tested it out during his work commute. While the software seems to be doing well, it has a difficult time with faded lines and skid marks on the road.

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Tesla also revealed that the Model X will start shipping in just two months and it will also eventually receive the Ludicrous Mode treatment, which will allow the car to go from 0 – 60  in 3 seconds.  He also said that the Model 3 – the company’s mass market electric car – should start shipping in 2017. Musk also noted that shares in Tesla Motors have roughly halved in gains, up to 1.2%.

You may be wondering what comes after Ludicrous Mode. When asked, Musk replied: Maximum Plaid.

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