Update: Elon Musk has rescheduled the “unexpected” product launch for October 19, tweeting that it “needs a few more days of refinement.”

Here’s what we know: Tesla has scheduled an event for October 17 and it’s being called a “product unveiling.” Here’s what we don’t know: what the heck is going to be unveiled. International man of mystery (and, oh yeah, the company’s CEO) Elon Musk shared the news via Twitter, saying the unveil would be “unexpected by most.” In the absence of other details, the auto industry is having a field day speculating about what might happen next week.

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Many are hoping next week’s announcement will reveal the final design for the Tesla Model 3, the California-based car company’s long-awaited “affordable” all-electric sports car, which is planned to debut at $35,000. But, is that an announcement that Musk would think is “unexpected by most” or even by anyone? Probably not, since everyone’s been chomping at the bit to learn more about the Model 3 since its initial unveiling back in April.

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What else could the secretive entrepreneur have to tell the world? The announcement could have something to do with the Autopilot software, which has undergone numerous updates and fixes since its initial rollout. Yet, Musk just announced two weeks ago that the latest version, featuring radar detection features, was being deployed via over-the-air updates so more news next week seems less likely. The unveil could be related to anything else the company has its mitts in, like a longer range battery.

Tesla already has a separate event on the books for October 28, when a big announcement with SolarCity will be made. The focus of that unveiling is no secret, however, as Musk has already let us know that he’ll unveil a solar roof and the long-awaited Powerwall 2.0. An integrated Tesla charger will be part of that package, of course.

As usual, we’ll have to wait and see what Tesla and Musk have in store, so check back next Monday to find out what happens when Musk finally lets his proverbial cat out of the bag.

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