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Tesla is constructing a building completely powered by renewable energy that can hold enough battery power for 500,000 Tesla cars. And it’s going to be huge. It’s quite possible that calling it the Gigafactory is more literal than we initially thought.

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The original plans for the Gigafactory called for the building to be 10 million square feet. The building will be constructed in modules so the first completed part can be used as a pilot plant while the rest of the building is being completed. But it turns out that 10 million square feet just isn’t enough. And while Tesla has not yet confirmed their plans to go even bigger, Dean Haymore, a representative from the Story County Commission, said Tesla Motors has purchased another 1,200 acres next to the Gigafactory and is looking to purchase 350 more.

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Haymore said the factory was originally supposed to be just four modular blocks, but now it looks like seven blocks will be built — bringing the total to somewhere around 24 million square-feet of gigaawesomeness (yeah, I made that up).

According to Wikipedia, that would make the Gigafactory thelargest building in the world. The Tesla Factory in California is second on that list. Although the plans aren’t official, it isn’t shocking; Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, did mention the possibility of adding to the building last quarter.

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Images via Steve Jurvetson and Tesla