The spirit of sustainability and being eco-friendly is all about using what’s already there. Use a piece of land the way it is, without hanging it to suit the needs of a building. In the spirit of reclaiming wood, repurposing furniture and making use of everything the Tesseract was created. This home is a beautiful reboot of a former bachelor pad turned beautiful multi-person home. It’s warm, inviting and modern.

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The entrance of a gray-toned home

This is Tesseract, a lovely Seattle home that sits on a bluff with a view of the water, the mountain and the nearby city. The home was originally designed by James Paul Jones to be an entertainment-friendly bachelor pad and his personal residence.

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Looking below at a person playing on a brown wooden piano

The home was purchased by a young couple with children, and a bachelor pad really wouldn’t do. So the home has been revamped, rebooted and remodeled, in keeping with the principles of a more sustainable, more modern design. The idea was to bring the outside world into the home. Big windows and light fill up the interior spaces. The stunning natural beauty of Washington state contributes to the beautiful design, creating the perfect backdrop for the modern look of the home.

A person sitting on a chair beside their dog in a living room space

But the new owners had another goal: achieve net-zero energy. To assist in this, new insulation was added and the windows were replaced. A solar energy system was added and a radiant floor was installed to reduce energy use. The home now has a much more secure envelope to reduce energy loss. Meanwhile, the interior is full of warm wood and bright metals in a minimalist design that is modern and sleek. Soft cream accents fill spaces, a beautiful contrast against the glossy black you can see throughout the home.

A person standing behind an island with bar stools

Overall, this is a rebooted home that’s been reimagined and redesigned to suit the needs of new, modern owners. In every way, this home is a perfect model for others to follow when it comes to sustainable design.

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Images via Rafael Soldi