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The GS450h is an average-size sedan, but it is low and wide. This gives it an aggressive and sporty look from the outside from all but a few angles, but made it feel a bit boat-like from the inside. Maybe the broad dash, retro-inspired dials and analog clock weren’t helping. But any time we thought we had fallen out of love with a too-shiny detail, the clock would turn out to have lit hashes on its brushed metal face, the instrument cluster would switch up dials completely for Eco or Sport mode, and so on, changing our mind.

The GS450h is full of nice little details, like the half-wood-style steering wheel, comfy leather seats, and yes, that awesome acceleration. But there were also a few things we couldn’t get used to. Because this is a Toyota at heart, it just can’t resist making tin can metallic echos in the chassis and body over high-speed bumps. And the side mirrors are too small, which can be frustrating when reversing up an incline. But overall, we loved our time in the GS450h. If you’re looking for an upmarket hybrid that does more than lip service to efficiency and pulls a few sporty punches, this is your ride.

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