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Now, maybe we just love our small and nimble cars, but the engine of the Ford Fiesta really feels like the company could do something with it, like pump it up and put it in a sports car, if it added a little juice. The little four-door doesn’t have a ton of room inside, and even the deep trunk has a narrow opening, but all that compactness really comes out when you start driving. It’s really quick on the draw, good at getting up to speed in any situation, and has a super tight turning radius. Honestly! It’s actually a lot of fun, and 45 mpg without even a hybrid system.

Even cooler? All this zip starts at only $14,100, and it’s even more efficient and driveable with its manual transmission option. It even appears that you can get a nice navigation screen, Sony sound system, leather seats and the like in the little Fiesta, though our tester was appropriately somber for the season, as we hope we didn’t forget to mention. If you’re in the market for a small car, go check it out. The Fiesta’s fuel economy is actually best in class, and the car really is a lot of fun. Even in swamp water gray.

+ Ford

Lead Image via Laura K. Cowan