This year’s Academy Awardsare about more than just red carpet dresses and celebrity sightings – they’ve got a bit of green going on as well! We’ve rounded up five major movies that not only caught our attention for their breathtaking cinematography and engrossing storylines, but also for their dealings with important environmental and social issues. If you’re one of the more than 35 million people planning to tune into Hollywood’s biggest night, keep your fingers crossed for these five feature films that also make up our ‘Top Five Oscar Picks of 2010’!

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Telling a sad tale of thousands of dolphins off the coast of Taiji and their murderous end, whether you are an animal lover or not, the graphic and disturbing images unveiled by The Cove will certainly get you thinking. In creating this documentary, the filmmakers put themselves in the line of danger to capture the dramatic footage. Perhaps their daring efforts to shed light on this unfortunate incident will payoff in Oscar Gold.

Food Inc. just might leave your palette appalled enough to venture finding a better source of food than the local drive thru. Following the industrial food chain from the farm to your plate, Food Inc. unveils the terrible truths of all our meals – even the ones from the most unassuming of outlets, grocery stores.

Based on a revered children’s book by Roald Dahl, the Fantastic Mr. Fox tells the tale of a daring revolt against industrial meat giants. Not only does the film take a positive stand, but it tells its story in a likeable animated feature fit for the entire family!

Lost worlds, talking dogs, floating houses, and lifelong dreams achieved – what more could you want from a Disney Pixar film? Full of visual folly and a captivating storyline, there is one great lesson to be learned in Up: Sometimes things are better off left in their natural habitat.

Last but not least is James Cameron’s biggest hit since his record breaking Titanic. If you haven’t seen Avatar yet, you just might be in the minority. Up for nine Academy Awards, Avatar is so popular that the Chinese government is deciding whether or not to rename a set of mountain peaks to Mount Hallelujah in order to attract more tourists. Hopefully all this attention will at least have a few people changing their perspective for the better on their very own riveting and enchanting three dimensional reality called planet Earth.