The UK company GTech reimagines cordless vacuuming to create a top marks for low energy consumption and high performance. Using only 100W of power from a 22V Lithium ion rechargeable battery, the AirRam is more than fours time as energy efficient as most corded vacuums, and runs twice as a long as competitor cordless models. This sleek cleaning machine is packed with many other features — including a tracker to count the calories you’ve burned while cleaning — that make it worthy of comparing to the biggest names in vacuums on the market.

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The AirRam an innovative bagless system that keeps the debris on the vacuum head, meaning the dirt travels only a short distance and there are no hoses to clog. The container where the debris is contained was developing to compress the dirt, always allowing air travel through the system even as it fills up. The dirt container easily lifts off for emptying.

The AirRAM utilizes a unique Data Bridge that allows for your computer to communicate with the vacuum’s onboard system via USB. By doing so, consumers can calculate the electricity they have saved, check the condition of the F.U.E.L. (Fully Utilized Efficient Lithium) system, and even see how many calories were burned while vacuuming. Now you can track and feel good about saving electric energy, while expelling your own human power while cleaning!

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Weighing only 7.7 pounds, the AirRAM is easy to carry upstairs. The sleek design includes a push arms that folds almost flat to the floor, allowing for cleaning under furniture and in tight spaces. The AirRam is intended for use on many floor surfaces such as carpet, tile, or wood floors without changing any settings.

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