The Algae Curtain-a is living photosynthesising textile installation that was developed as part of the Energy Futures Project by studio Loop.pH in Lille, France. Commissioned by EDF and Lille3000 for the Festival Fantastic 2012, it forms part of the ongoing research by Loop.pH studio into living metabolic textiles. The design is made up of transparent tubes knotted into large architectural drapes suspended in sunny windows. Living algae is pumped through the textile soaking up the daytime sun and photosynthesizing to produce a bio-fuel that can be used locally. Microscopic algae grow ten times faster than trees and can produce huge amounts of oil through photosynthesis. The Algae Curtain-a provides a permanent support infrastructure for the “Future Fruits” (the harvest of the energy) and together form micro-ecologies networked with a tangle of living plastic. The capsules can be considered an evolution of the everyday battery, but grown from living matter to be harvested.

+ Loop.pH

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