It’s hard to believe that the current Toyota Prius has been on the market for almost seven years, but an all-new Prius is just around the corner. Toyota has confirmed that the next-generation 2016 Toyota Prius is going to debut next month in Las Vegas. What can we expect from the all-new Prius? Toyota has yet to release the big details about the new car, but we do know that it will keep its familiar shape and should top the current model’s 50 mpg rating.

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The fourth-generation Prius will be based on a new platform – the Toyota New Global Architecture. The new platform will help the Prius drop some weight compared to the current model, which will also help it beat the 50 mpg rating of the current Prius. Toyota hasn’t released any fuel efficiency specs for the next Prius, but it’s been rumored that Toyota has been targeting a 10 percent increase in fuel efficiency.

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Plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles have continued to steal the spotlight from hybrid vehicles and thankfully Toyota is also planning some big improvements to the Prius plug-in hybrid model. It’s rumored that the next Prius plug-in hybrid could have a driving range around 30-35 miles in electric mode, which is a significant improvement over the current Prius PHEV, which can only travel up to 11 miles before the gas engine kicks on.

We’ll have to wait until September 8 to get all the official information about the next Prius. It’s expected that Toyota will only show the hybrid version next month, while the plug-in hybrid version will be revealed at a later date. The next Prius PHEV will also arrive at least a year after the standard hybrid version.

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