Rising over 18,000 feet near Colombia’s Caribbean coast, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range is the highest coastal range in the world, and in dire need of conservation and protection. A group of folks has started a project to bring attention to the importance of this ancient, sacred land that is home to countless plant, animal, and insect species: The Alunaris Tree Temple Project aims to create a magical space that will encourage visitors to interact with majestic trees in new, conscious ways. Many ancient trees had been decimated by logging and herbicides, including harvesting timber for the blossoming tourism trade, but conservationists want to bring awareness to the importance of the region’s majestic, towering trees.

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The envisioned tree temple would be an enormous treehouse supported by pillars, in which guests can interact with local toucans and monkeys, or assist with the propagation of rare rainforest plants. An Indiegogo campaign is now underway for people to assist in supporting this endeavor, and the hope is that those who get to experience this lush paradise will be inspired to save it and other forests as well.

a:lu:na:ris: pertaining to or deriving from Alúna, the thought process that shapes and maintains reality, the source of life and intelligence, safeguarded by the Kogi indians

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