The Arrow by car designer Charles Bombardier demonstrates what would happen if an electric motorcycle and a fighter jet had a love child. Underneath the Arrow’s retractable canopy, driver and passenger sit tandem style in the snug cockpit. Although it has all the sex appeal of a motorcycle, the three-wheeled vehicle is infused with a healthy dose of practical eco-friendliness as well. Its powerful lithium ion battery would pack a powerful punch, ensuring that you and your lucky passenger leave any range anxiety in the dust.

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As the grandson of the founder of the Canadian jet manufacturer that shares his name, it’s no surprise that Bombardier’s design is infused with the lifeblood of a fighter plane. The torpedo-like shape is designed to slice through the air with the same precision.

“The Arrow is powered by a 30-kilowatt, liquid-cooled, double-sided synchronous motor located in the rear, Bombardier explains on his website. “The motor drives a limited slip differential that powers each rear wheel. It could become a four-wheel-drive vehicle or three-wheel-drive, but for now, I’m keeping things light and simple.” It’s just a concept, but Bombardier says the ultimate goal would be to deliver a range that exceeds 370 miles per charge.

For now, most tandem EV concepts like The Arrow exist only on paper, but Bombardier thinks they could have a fighting chance against the gas-powered norm if cities were willing to commit.

“…the real challenge comes from legislation, the designer recently told CNET. “If we decide to limit parts of our cities to these types of light vehicle they will have a fighting chance. Imagine dedicated zones where there is no emission, no noise, and where the roads are in perfect shape. It’s a viable idea and we can set a target dates right now.”

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