You’ve seen plenty of barns in your day. They are wooden buildings tucked into an open landscape, rising up from the land and sticking out like a sore thumb. The Barn designed by Alexis Dornier is a beautiful extension of the natural world, existing as a part of it rather than an object separate from it.

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A wooden three story house called The Barn by Alexis Dornier lights up from inside during an evening day

Created with ethically-sourced, reclaimed timber, all 16 of the uneven, twisted columns inside give the building a distinct character. The columns were once part of a road that provided crossing through swampland.

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The inside living room area has a ceiling fan and wooden lattice windows

The columns are arranged in a nearly perfect square and stand as an integral component to the design. However, they aren’t just decorative. These columns are a supportive framework for the stairs, balconies, walls and sliding windows and doors. The building has three levels and a wide-open, airy design that makes the spaces inside expansive.

A living area has wooden furniture and and wooden sliding doors

Ironwood planks, evenly milled, were used for the partition walls. The windows have their own partitions made of paper screens crafted from banana fiber. A skylight in the center of the building adds more natural light. This is a great way to show off the furniture, all of which is made from recycled teak and rattan mesh.

A living room area has sofas that are facing each other with a coffee table in the center of the two sofas

The first floor has a sunken conversation pit in the living room, which connects right to the main deck that leads to the elevated swimming pool. Pendant lights, made from banana fiber, hang from the ceilings. There’s also an exercise room, kitchen and dining area on the first floor. In the back, two bedrooms and a bathroom provide more living space.

A dining room area with a a rectangle table with benches on either side of it

The second floor has a master bedroom, a walk-in closet and the master bathroom. The incredible views all around add even more to the design, creating a connection to the outside world.

The third floor outside balcony has a net strung over the top and a pole that extends past the photo

The outside garden beds are made with ironwood boards. A combination of lemongrass, lavender, cacti and other plants give the gardens a wild, natural look.

The Barn is nestled among native trees, with the garden becoming an extension of the natural landscape. More plants are inside the building, a perfect match for the wood. Even the twisting, winding staircase looks like a natural object, like the branches of a twisting tree reaching to the upper levels.

+ Alexis Dornier

Photography by KIE