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Christophe Veen and Bart de Groot from Buro Beehive designed the BEEBOX to serve as a self-contained workplace. Buro Beehive works to transform underutilized buildings into affordable workspaces for creative entrepreneurs. Prefabricated BEEBOXes can be used to create temporary workspaces in empty buildings or flexible office furnishings that adapt to the needs of a company. Hypothetically, you could even take your BEEBOX with you if you wanted to change locations.

Built by Fiction Factory, each BEEBOX has a desk, storage space, a second counter space, acoustic paneling, utilities and a sleek interior design. All that’s needed to make these work is a socket to hook into the grid. Open up the office pod and get to work – then at the end of the day close her down and lock it up. The first place to make use of the office pods is the Beehive East location on the Cruquiusweg 146-B in Amsterdam. Each box enjoys a 100 Mb internet connection and a continuous flow of fresh coffee. Try it out for free the first day and then pay €14,50 per day or €255 per month with 24/7 access. Co-working is great, but this could make it better.

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