Father’s Day is just around the corner. Dad will find pleasure in seemingly simple items he didn’t even know he needed or wanted. Even better, with an increasing number of companies doing their part in looking out for the environment, it’s easier than ever to find a gift that’s perfect for Dad and also eco-friendly. Here are our top picks for sustainable Father’s Day gifts.

glass storage containers with bamboo lids

Bamboo and glass food containers

Help Dad move away from petroleum-based food storage containers with a set made from sustainable glass and fast-growing bamboo. Glass won’t absorb stains or odors, and the bamboo lids double as a small cutting board for vegetables or cheese. These containers can replace sandwich bags and freezer bags, too.

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black Aldo sneakers

Aldo Reid sneakers

These trendy sneakers are versatile enough to wear to more formal events or casual backyard barbecues, and they are an eco-friendly option made from a 50/50 mixture of virgin thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and algae biomass. Algae is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet that naturally filters ocean water and retains CO2.

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gray bamboo blanket on white bed

Bamboo weighted blanket

This Pine&River weighted blanket will keep Dad cozy and comfortable. Bamboo offers a cool touch to help regulate body temperature for hot sleepers or uncomfortably hot nights. Bamboo is also a sustainable material option because it requires no fertilizer, pesticides or replanting. It also requires less water to grow than cotton. It’s available in two weight options and is machine-washable.

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black vegan leather wallet

Vegan leather wallet

No animals were harmed in the making of this ubiquitous Father’s Day gift. Wallets are popular for a reason — they’re something Dad uses nearly every day. But it’s a necessity that could use an update, so with a faux-leather option, you can gift without guilt. Opt for one with an extra safety feature in the form of RFID-blocking technology, which helps protect valuable information on credit and identification cards.

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cardboard box of different seasonings

Organic seasoning set

If your dad’s station is at the grill, he’ll enjoy mixing up new recipes with the different flavors offered in a gift pack of seasonings. The FreshJax gift set has seven combinations to choose from, including keto and hot & spicy, or take a culinary tour with Taste the World flavors. Plus, your purchase supports a small business that gives back through the FreshJax Campaign To End Childhood Hunger, and all ingredients are organically grown.

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hot sauce making kit

DIY hot sauce kit

Many dads love to get creative in the kitchen, constantly experimenting with different hot sauces on eggs, meats and anything else they’re served. If that sounds like your dad, choose a gift set that allows him to make and bottle his own hot sauces. The set from DIY Gift Kits Store includes 5th generation heirloom peppers. The all-natural and GMO-free spice blends give Dad a variety of ways to spice up his favorite foods.

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organic cotton long-sleeve black shirt

Organic cotton shirts

These organic shirts keep pesticides and other toxic chemicals out of the atmosphere, water and soil. The long-sleeve shirts come in three color options. Econscious said the clothing is made in factories that “share our commitment to manufacturing quality products and providing a safe and healthy working environment for their employees.”

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glass vase with wood base

Glass and wood decor

With a touch of class and a bit of nature, Cohasset Gifts creates pieces that will make a statement. The materials are natural and recycled for a minimal environmental impact. This décor can double as a planter for air plants or succulents, which are notoriously low-maintenance.

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blue recycled glass cocktail glasses

Recycled cocktail glass

The only thing better than a fresh cocktail is one served in a glass made from recycled materials. This set of six, 14-ounce glasses are hand-blown by artisans Javier and Efren. The company, based in Mexico, is certified fair-trade and comes with a NOVICA story card certifying quality & authenticity. Because each piece is handmade, the variations speak to the traditional process.

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waxed canvas tote bag next to reusable lunch containers

Reusable lunch tote

Whether lunch is at the office or the construction site, Dad can use this lunch tote again and again. While it’s much more mature than a superhero lunchbox, it retains a whimsical appeal with the look of a refined sack lunch. Unlike paper bags, however, this lunch tote is made from a waxed canvas that is durable and water-resistant, so Dad can be toting it into retirement, where he can then take it fishing or to the golf course.

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