The problem with shopping for grandparents is that they’ve been around a while and usually have a lot of stuff already. It’s a challenge to find something new to them that they’ll use and love. Here are our top picks this year for the grandmas and grandpas on your holiday eco-friendly shopping list.

Black bags underneath a white bag with a blue diagonal stripe

Vegan leather bags from Anew Atelier

Australian Anew Atelier features vegan leather made from industrial apple peels. The stylish totes and pouches are sure to appeal to any ancestor. Styles change each season as a different destination around the world inspires new looks. When founder Gemma Trebilco went vegetarian, she noticed a gap in the market. Too many products relied on animal ingredients, from food to cosmetics to fashion. Anew Atelier is helping to patch that gap.

A wire elephant holding a potted plant beside a basket of patterned scarves

Special fashion collections from Awear Clothes

Awear is a USA vegan clothing brand with an elephant fashion collection to help save elephants and a rhino collection for the rhinos. They also have lots of animal prints and even clothes for pets. Wouldn’t grandpa’s pug look smashing in a little hooded leopard print t-shirt? Uh, obviously. If your grandparents appreciate wildlife and athleisure looks, Awear Clothes will suit them. Certified boss lady Steph Griffith has loved animals since experiencing her healing and nurturing powers while facing childhood hardships, which inspired her to build this brand.

Korean food spread out on a table

Homemade kimchi kit with three flavor options

Does your grandma crave fresh kimchi? Mama O’s Premium Kimchi Kit promises a fun, easy way to make the Korean pickled cabbage dish and fill a grandparent’s stomach with healthy probiotics. The kit includes a half-gallon container, instructions and your choice of original, super spicy or vegan kimchi paste.

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Three reusable bag filled with fruits

Stasher bags for food leftovers

Whether from a Depression-era upbringing or eco and economic common sense, many grandparents are careful with preserving leftover food. Stasher platinum silicone food grade reusable storage bags are a sound alternative to wasteful single-use bags. These dishwasher and microwave safe bags come in 17 colors. They range in size from four ounces to a half gallon. This is a good gift for thrifty, practical folks while saving the environment from plastic pollution.

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Two yellow bags with a tan bag in front of it

Lunar Method bags

For the grandparent-on-the-go, Lunar Method’s bags are stylish and vegan. The tech-loving gran will like Lunar Method’s vegan leather laptop sleeve. Or choose the pretty jewelry bag lined with handmade artisanal fabric from Chiapas in soft, neutral tan and green or a bolder red palette.

A cardboard box filled with home goods like tin boxes of soap

Naturally Legit bath and skincare

Naturally Legit crafts products for your face, body and home. For the holidays, consider giving a Naturally Legit gift box. The Bathroom Essentials Box includes a sisal soap bag, two bamboo toothbrushes, a bar of chamomile soap, pine and calendula remedy salve and a large tin of natural deodorant. The Handmade Soap Gift Box features a sisal bag, wooden soap dish and three delicious-smelling bars: geranium rose, chamomile and a blend of coffee, coconut and vanilla. All Naturally Legit products are organic, made with plant ingredients and cold-pressed oil.

A fabric bag with dried pasta in it and spread outside of it

Alabatis home goods

For the organized grandparent who prizes superior home storage strategies, consider bags made by Alabatis. This Etsy star seller uses natural Lithuanian linen and unbleached cotton rope to make storage bags. These are perfect for foods such as bread or nuts. Or store delicate lingerie or shoes inside. Choose from 12 by 12 inch or 12 by 16 inch bags.

Two photos, on the left is a six pack of spices in a white packaging, on the right is a single zoom up of a spice jar

Spiceology for all cooking needs

Spiceology does much more than sell spices. The company adheres to a long list of responsible practices, including reducing its carbon footprint, giving to LGBTQ+ and health-focused causes and helping to educate the next generation of chefs. Sixty-three percent of its executive leadership team identify as women, and 15% as LGBTQ+. As for gift potential, Spiceology offers lots of fun spice sets for everyone from the badass baker to the fit foodie. If your grandparent needs Ceylon cinnamon sticks or roasted cocoa nibs, look no further. Your chili-loving gran will appreciate the six-pack of different Sriracha blends, including smoked maple and miso teriyaki.

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A pile of puzzle pieces

Earth-friendly jigsaw puzzles

During the pandemic, puzzles have become more popular than ever. If your grandparent likes to challenge their brain by fitting little pieces of cardboard together, consider buying an eco-friendly puzzle from Cobble Hill. They manufacture their puzzles from 100% recycled material, including puzzle boards made from 100% post-consumer waste. Puzzle pieces come in biodegradable plastic bags. And even the puzzle itself is recyclable. Cobble Hill manufactures its puzzles in the U.S. For grandparents who love animals, the 350-piece Frog Pile puzzle features colorful frogs. Earth Day includes fish, birds and a sea turtle.

Two photos, on the left is a poster of Vegan Un-Honey with three bottles and on the right is one close-up of the bottle

Vegan Un-Honey

Thanks to new technologies, we no longer have to steal honey from bees to sweeten our tea. Blonde Vegan Un-Honey, made by The Single Origin Food Co., sources its unblended organic coconut nectar from Pylpongpang, Thailand. It’s organic, raw and non-GMO and sure to please the discerning plant-based grandparent.

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