The Blink family of electric vehicle charging stations was just unveiled at the Plug-in 2010 conference in San Jose, California and we’re already envisioning them sprouting up on street corners and garages around the country. The intuitive and simple design was created to help early electric vehicle adopters jump right into the charging game. The designers are hoping to outfit your home and community with a dense network of stations so your daily driving routine is fully electrified.

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The Blink line consists of a home charger and a public charger and comes to us thanks to a partnership between ECOtality, Inc. and Frog Design. The creation of the charger is a seamless integration of ECOtality’s knowledge of the vehicle of the future and Frog Design’s impeccable eye. You can really see these chargers fitting perfectly into parking lots, roadside stations and home garages without looking out of place. The two companies involved see charging stations as the key to EV success and they believe they’ve created a perfect model. Not only are the chargers easy to use, but they’re also smart – they can inform you about your vehicles electric performance.

We’ve taken the lessons learned from our over two decades of electric vehicle infrastructure experience and applied them to create a charging infrastructure network that emphasizes station location, charger communication and user experience,” said ECOtality North America President Don Karner. Along with ECOtality’s comprehensive transportation infrastructure knowledge Frog Design has added their unparalleled knowledge of human to technology interaction to the model. They’ve thought of everything, from using the familiar cable (similar to a gas pump) design to making the top of the charging station rounded to dissuade you from placing your coffee cup down — liquids and electronics don’t mix!

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