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Simple in design, The Body is a flesh-coloured strip of canvas with seams stitched along its six-meter length. The entire structure is filled with grains of rice, a material that’s been employed in Japan throughout the ages due to its ecological and economical nature. Even though the designer toyed with the idea of plastic pellets, which are notoriously bad for the environment, she settled on rice for its ability to maintain a solid structure.

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The Royal College of Art’s graduate created the flexible chair to try and accommodate those people who don’t like to conform to societal norms. “From early on we learn what is the right way for sitting in our own culture and have seats that encourage these ways of sitting, but often we can find ourselves sitting in very odd positions in standardised seats,” Enkovaara told Dezeen. The Body also gives people a chance to develop a greater awareness of their body, instead of just contorting themselves to fit furniture that may not suit them.

“While designing it, I went through multiple variations of the basic shape from round to more complex shapes but all of them ended up restricting the way it could be bent and shaped,” said the designer. There are still a few more refinements planned, but Enkovaara hopes that she will be able to find a manufacturer and make the foldable chair available to the general public in the near future.

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Images by Kirsi Enkovaara