The largest offshore wind farm in the US could be coming soon to New York, if the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) approves the project as expected next week. The project will be set 30 miles east of Montauk, and it will have 15 turbines and a capacity of 90 megawatts. That’s three times larger than the only other offshore wind project currently under construction in the US (off the coast of Rhode Island). Both wind farms are backed by Deepwater Wind, which plans to eventually build a string of turbines stretching between along the East Coast generating 1,000 megawatts of power.

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The Long Island project alone will generate enough power for 50,000 homes on Long Island, and it’s one of the key components of Governor Cuomo’s plan to make 50% of New York City’s energy renewable in the next 15 years. Deepwater Wind will own the turbines, and plans to sell the power to LIPA at a rate that has yet to determined. It’s expected that the utility will reach an agreement with the company early next year.

The site for the project has been in the hands of the developers since 2013, and all the initial marine surveys needed for construction have already been completed. That means that construction can begin right away, with power reaching customers as early as 2022.

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While this may be a huge accomplishment in terms of renewable energy for the US, the project pales in comparison to some of the wind farms in Europe. There are many operations already generating hundreds of megawatts of power, and a massive wind farm currently in development will generate 700 megawatts and power a million homes in the Netherlands.

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