The Elephant Project is a purpose-driven company dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating the world’s elephant population.

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Stuffed elephant toys in a tutu

This all-female organization began when founder Kristina McKean saw the devastating treatment of elephants in Thailand, and again back in the United States with circus animals. Determined to find a way to support elephant causes, Kristina used her product development background to design two adorable, huggable, elephant dolls she named Kiki and Tembo (and now Baby Chaba).

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Child examining stuffed elephant animal in a field

Additionally, children and many adults are drawn to stuffed animals. These elephants come with fun and age-appropriate educational materials to spread the word about the dangerous world elephants live in.

children holding stuffed elephant animals

Meanwhile, the company’s mission is clear and supported by its donations to organizations that care for elephants in need. In fact, 100% of the net proceeds from each sale of Kiki and Tembo goes to fund supplies and aid for orphaned, abused and injured elephants through The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya and The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. The Elephant Project also contributes to efforts to end elephant poaching. 

Simple stuffed animal elephants in a field

Of course, even without the notable mission of the company, these little cozy critters are giftable to the child in your life. Kiki, whose name means “new life,” wears a little pink outfit. Meanwhile, Tembo, meaning “elephant” in Swahili, wears green coveralls.

Stuffed elephant in pink tutu

A new release features Baby Chaba, a tutu-wearing baby elephant named after a real baby elephant who was rescued alongside her mother by Lek Chailert, the founder of Elephant Nature Park, in August 2021. The purchase comes with Baby Chaba and a book that explains her story.

Collection of stuffed animals, one lion and two elephants

The Elephant Project website shows a list of elephants that have already benefited from the project, with a bit of history about each elephant’s situation and progress. The mission has now also spread to support the rescue and rehabilitation of big cats who, like the elephants and other wildlife, suffer from greed, inhumane treatment, competition for resources and loss of critical habitat.

The company also supports a campaign through Voice For the Animals called “Help Billy the Elephant.” This is a story of an individual Asian elephant who was born in Malaysia, forcibly taken from his birthplace and traded to the Los Angeles Zoo. The campaign is pressuring the City of Los Angeles to release Billy to a sanctuary. You can help by signing a petition or offering a donation to the cause.

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