F9 Productions recently unveiled plans for a sturdy, sustainably built home that is designed to withstand flooding and provide a safe haven when natural disaster strikes. Raised high above the ground and built with durable reused materials, the little home features solar panels to provide electricity while the sun shines, a fireplace keeps the home warm, and it takes advantage of large windows and skylights to save energy and provide light in the event that electricity is cut.

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There are many other advantages to the F9 home. An angled roof harvests rainwater for collection in water cisterns, a skylight permits plenty of light to enter the home, storage areas are nicely tucked away so that nothing will get tossed around the house, and the main rooms (and appliances) are elevated to ensure that they will not be impacted when river levels rise.

A fireplace provides heat in the absence of either electricity or sun, cars will be tucked below the house, and translucent glass skirts the home to ensure an adequate amount of privacy. If I lived in a flood zone, I’d pick this home.

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Via Arch Daily