Reswirl created the world’s first zero-waste, fully recyclable toothbrush to help address the plastic pollution. They are an eco-friendly dental hygiene brand that aims to help the climate by not compromising on quality or comfort to consumers.

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Reswirl brushes are made from something called Bio-PBS. It is a biodegradable and industrially compostable material mixed with calcium carbonate for stiffening and whitening. The company offers these brushes through a subscription service where new brushes are sent out quarterly. In exchange, used brushes are returned in provided pre-paid packaging to be recycled.

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The brand does this because much of what consumers recycle from their homes still end up in landfills. It also provides the company with a practical supply of materials to reuse for creating new products, which helps the bottom line. First, all returned brushes are washed. Then materials are separated. The handles are shredded and blended with new materials to create consistent quality for new brushes. Bristles and boxes are recycled. Lastly, sleeves and any unusable handles are composted.

Four Reswirl toothbrushes, from left to right color bristles: yellow, teal, white and purple

We’ve seen a number of compostable bio-based plastics come out in the last decade. If bio-plastics become the norm, consumers won’t notice any difference in the durability of their plastic products, but once they’re thrown out, they will degrade in the landfill decades faster than traditional, fossil-fuel-based plastics.

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Reswirl brushes are ergonomically designed for comfortable use. You can purchase one to try before you subscribe. All purchases include shipping to and from the U.K. Therefore, there’s no extra cost for ordering them at a distance. While there is a carbon footprint to shipping, all packages are shipped in prepaid biodegradable packaging. The system creates a circular manufacturing system with this “infinite brush” solution. They are helping to replace some of 3.5 billion toothbrushes sold worldwide annually that are used for only a few months before thrown away.

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