A group of Finnish engineers have developed the FlyNano – a single-seater electric seaplane that can soar through the skies and land on any body of water. The tiny seaplane was originally designed to be powered by two-stroke gas and electric powertrains, but thanks to advancements in electric motors andlithium-ion batteries over the past few years, it is now completely electric!

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Resembling a vehicle from a James Bond film, the FlyNano is surprisingly compact. Its wing-span is only five meters, and its carbon fiber chassis is lighter than 70 kilograms (154 pounds) without a pilot. With a maximum takeoff weight of 200 kilograms (440 pounds), it is able to soar around the sky treating the pilot to spectacular views at quite surprisingly nippy speeds.

FlyNano’s official website states that the FlyNano has a speed range of 70 – 140 km/ph (43-87 mph) and a service ceiling of 3 km (9,820 feet). Its range is also impressive considering its size – it can fly “a theoretical operational distance” of 70 km (43 miles).  Unfortunately, the battery (currently) only lasts half an hour, so whether it is able to meet these statistics remains to be seen – but the team is no doubt working to improve its performance.

The FlyNano was showcased at AERO-Expo in Friedrichshafen, where it was promoted as a leisure vehicle. In the words of the official press release, “FlyNano is for the fun of flying – no passengers, no cargo – just you, FlyNano and the endless blue. If you’ve ever had a pilot’s license, or had experience with ultras or micros, you’ll fly Nano right out of the box. The rest of you will need to learn the simple rules of the air. Minimum red tape – maximum fun.”

Of course, if you want to live the dream of soaring with the birds, then you’ll need a pilot’s license and deep pockets. Currently, the FlyNano’s price tag is $33,750 and that’s not even including the storage trailer ($6,625). Time to start saving!

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