What do you get when you cross a solar-powered LED lantern with a foldable pop-up box? The Solarpuff, that’s what! Created by the good people at Solight, this lightweight, portable, solar-powered LED lantern is designed to be an economical off-grid lighting solution for the developing world where access to electricity is limited, as well as a viable emergency response lighting solution during crisis situations.

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The Solarpuff is a flat-packed, solar-powered, LED-rimmed cube that weighs just 2.6 oz and can be folded flat to a quarter inch thin. Taking the product’s design efficiency to another level, the cube self inflates through an origami technology. Though it is incredibly useful for common first-world situations such as camping or travel, the product was is designed for developing countries and disaster situations, and was inspired by 2010’s Haiti earthquake. It is designed to replace kerosene lanterns, which are commonly used in much of the world where there is no electrical infrastructure and particularly in refugee camps.

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Unlike most solar-powered lanterns which are made from PVC, the Solarpuff lantern is built with PET; a non toxic and recyclable material. This environmentally-friendly feature, along with the cute cube’s lightweight and compact size makes the Solarpuff a practical and economically feasible option for any large or small-scale urgent situation.

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