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Frying Pan Tower, lighthouse, North Carolina, extreme hotel, light station, green renovation, offshore hotel

Originally built in 1964, the tower housed about 20 Coast Guard cadets until 1979 it became obsolete in light of the invention of GPS. The rundown structure was restored in 2010 and transformed into a grungy hotel that includes rooms with original furniture and fantastic atmosphere. The entire restoration of the structure was conducted by volunteers and financed through contributions and the donation of needed supplies.

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The Frying Pan Hotel is accessible via boat and plane-the $498 price-per-person, which allows visitors to stay in the offshore hotelfor three days and two nights, doesn’t include transportation. Visitors can pick one of the eight ocean-facing rooms, five with twin beds and three that have queen-size beds. The hotel provides basic foods, but visitors are encouraged to bring ingredients for specific dishes and do their own cooking and cleaning up. Would you go?

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