Forget your Nike Plus, the most exciting fitness tracker these days could soon be a bike. Baidu, the equivalent of Google in China, has announced that it will soon release an e-bike called Dubike. The Dubike will be fitted with fitness tracking technology like a heart monitor, pedal rate tracker and more, which you can sync with your smartphone to monitor your fitness.

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Dubike will come with an app that will let you track your bike’s position, get directions or map out a route in addition to tracking your fitness statistics. The bike will also have a hub that will convert kinetic energy into electrical energy to store the power needed to run the bike’s sensors and even charge your device.


The bike was designed along with Tsinghua University and though there are no specifics on weight, pricing or other statistics, Baidu hopes to have the bike out by the end of the year. Dubike probably won’t be launched in the US or Europe, but no doubt the technology is going to get brilliant minds working on a version for western consumers.

Via Engadget

Images via Baidu