If you’re looking for a way to recover from the rampant consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you might want to head out to the Mina Dresden Gallery tonight for a chance to party, collect amazing eco-art, and support two non-profts at the green sight + sound benefit! Awesome eco-artists like Nils UdoNed KahnJosh Keyes, and Inhabitat’s own Abigail Doan will be putting their work up for auction with proceeds going to the 4th season of ME’D1.ATE’s Soundwave Festival entitled GREEN SOUND as well as other programs at ecoartspace.

Artwork by Abigail Doan, green sight and sound, eco art, san francisco, mina dresden, art, green art

A few highlights: a photo bundle of the blue Spiral Jetty by Craig Roper, an image of the hilariously huge  Ice Queen Dress Tent by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao, and the deliciously intricate Floglia 02, reminiscent of ancient leaf paintings, by Doan. Also on display are several works by Nils-Udo, who has been working epically (that is, in an epic manner) with nature since 1972,  and a painting by Josh Keyes.  Keyes’ works quickly sold out at an exhibition at Swarm Gallery in Oakland earlier this fall. Yet better reason to get to Mina Dresden and invest in some cultural heft.

green-sight-sound-bundles, green sight and sound, eco art, san francisco, mina dresden, art, green art

The other beneficiary of the event, ME’DI.ATE, is a non-profit, volunteer run arts organization that produces Project Soundwave, among other great projects. Ecoartspace itself is responsible for some of the most relevant, powerful, in-depth displays and explorations of eco art in the last decade. Sounds like a reason to party.

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