Last year, we reported that Dutchman Johan Huibers built a life-size Noah’s Ark as a biblical attraction for the Netherlands. Now four Christians from Florida are taking a page out of his book by unveiling plans to build a similarly huge ark – but in this case they will create a floating menagerie dubbed the Hidden Ark! Their goal is “to help and preserve helpless animals as God taught us,” and the Hidden Ark will serve as a zoo and environmental education center for visitors both on-site and online.

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Rodolfo Almira, Reniel Aguila, Osmar Oliva, and Manuel Guerra are all avid animal lovers and made the objective of their project “to help and preserve helpless animals as God taught us”. The 500ft project, which is currently being funded by a Kickstarter project, is designed to not only house animals, but to teach the public “how animals live, evolve and interact.”

Those that purchase a membership from their website will also get access to a 24 hour surveillance feed which will chronicle the construction of the Ark. Once built, online visitors will also have the opportunity to enter into each of the chambers of the ark from anywhere in the world. Visitors will have the option to donate animals to the cause and adopt the offspring of the animal couplings. The ark’s facilities will also include restaurants, a petting zoo for children, a veterinarian for the animals and interactive tours.

The design raises several questions: will there be enough room in these chambers for the planet’s larger animals? Could displays of animal interaction get a little bloody? And how will a zoo based on the story of Noah’s Ark deal with evolution?

But one can’t help but admire the foursome’s passion with the Hidden Ark’s aim to “improve and contribute to the welfare of animals and vegetation”. Unfortunately there is no set deadline for when the zoo will be finished, but with construction already underway and with funds slowly coming in, the founders hope to complete the project within a few years.

In a statement on the website, the creators said: “A challenge we face is time. That is because it is difficult to predict when our project will be completed exactly. As you can see from our plans on our website, this is a very large project and can take some time. It is not only building a large ark completely from scratch and what it surrounds it in order to accomplish a safe refuge for all the creatures, but we are also trying to create an experience. Everything depend on your contribution in order for us to have a successful. However, nothing is impossible and with God on our side everything will come out amazing.”

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