Everyone has plunked down on a bed in an IKEA showroom and fantasized about staying over one time or another. Now, lucky shoppers in Australia can make this adult daydream a reality, thanks to Airbnb. On August 31, 2014 IKEA customers will have a chance to participate in the ultimate sleepover in an Airbnb takeover of their Tempe store.

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The AirBnb promotion will host three winning groups of four guests for a night at the museum-style experience, hosted by Airbnb superstar Claire Ferguson. The stylish bedroom sets and faux-apartments in the IKEA showroom will be used as an Airbnb accommodation, which also means each winner is subjected to Airbnb’s $12 administrative fee. Along with the chance to sleep in the Swedish retail giant’s showroom, winners will also learn tips and tricks to make their homes more Airbnb friendly, like storage solutions and IKEA accessories that make an apartment more welcoming.

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The 12 winners will also be treated to a special celebratory family dinner in the IKEA café that will no doubt include copious amounts of Swedish meatballs. Keeping with IKEA’s commitment to bringing the comforts of home to their store, TVs and Play Stations will be on hand, as well as circus games for the kids. Winners will also get to take home the bed sheets and linens they use during their stay.

Via Sydney Morning Herald

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