We’ve seenelectric carsand electric bikes, but this is the first time we’ve seen a vehicle that combines elements of the two. Not just that, but Lit Motor’s Lit C-1—a compact two-wheeler—also features electronic gyroscopes that allow the vehicle to stay upright in the event of a collision!

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Resembling something from Minority Report, the C-1’s designwill comes a relief to many who want the convenience of a motorbike, but also the sturdiness and safety of a car. The C-1 is also big enough for a passenger, meaning it is ideal for short trips around the city.

The innovative EV features 40kW electric motors on the wheels which allow for gyroscopes to be located under the body floor. These spin at more than 1,300 lb/ft of torque. What this means is if the vehicle is hit by a large force, it remains completely balanced so that it doesn’t fall over and injure the occupants. The vehicle also stays upright when stopping. Its large chassis also ensures that both driver and passenger are not just protected from traffic, but also the elements.

Powered by electric batteries, the C-1 has a range of 200 miles on a full charge.  Also, in a -esque design flourish, discs of light glow from the wheel hubs illustrating the electric hub motors. The C1 is also equipped with connectivity to smartphones that inform of the driver of treacherous weather or traffic conditions. Lit Motors describe their vehicle as “the world’s first gyroscopically stabilized rolling smart phone” as it offers H2V, H2C, V2I, and V2V connectivity as well as “the alternated to alternatives on an exciting and safe platform” making the “daily commute into something to look forward to.”

While the C-1 is still in the test phase, Lit Motors hope that they will have the vehicle on the road by 2014. Until then, click below to watch a video of the C-1 in action.


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