Before the London 2012 Olympic Games began, we explored how the event had failed to live up to some of the green targets it had set itself. The organizers of London 2012 had always claimed that they would host the ‘greenest Olympics’ ever seen, and according to an group of independent monitors, they have! A new report published by the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 finds that along with holding a fantastic Games the city’s efforts to recycle and implement other green practices were a complete success.

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Not only that, but both the United Nations Under-Secretary General and UN Environment Program Executive Director have praised the London summer Olympic and Paralympic Games for being the first to measure its carbon footprint over the entire project term. London 2012 also pledged to deliver an event that favored public transport, targeting one million extra walking and cycling journeys in London every day of the games.

According to the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, the Olympic committee reportedly reused or recycled over 98% of waste in the demolition phase of building Olympic facilities, and 99% in construction of the Olympic Park. Assorted new outlets have also stated that The London Olympics’  used 15% of the total gas used at the Beijing Games.

The entire Olympic Park was praised for regenerating a derelict area and benefiting wildlife, and the commission said it was amazed by the success of public transport. In fact, despite all the concerns that London’s public transport system would not be able to handle the increase in passengers, efforts saw one million extra people walking and cycling trips through the city on every day of the Games.

“London’s sustainable Games have been a massive success,” said Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 chairman Shaun McCarthy. “But, like the best sports teams, there is a need to continuously improve. I wish the IOC [International Olympics Committee] and future host cities success in proving they can do better.”

+ Commission for a Sustainable London 2012

via BBC News/GlobalPost

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