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Who doesn’t love the feeling of soft, squishy moss between the toes? The Moss Carpet is designed to bring that sensation into the home in the form of a bath mat with live moss plants. Unfortunately, Nection design says they are unable to pre-sell the full-size Moss Carpet because of “legislation rules due to the real mosses (living plant) that go on it.” However, their Kickstarter would bring to life a miniature version, that in theory, you could buy multiples of and join together to create a full-size Moss Carpet. You can also buy the full-size carpet (mosses not included) with instructions on how to install your own moss.

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The Moss Carpet comprises four main layers: waterproof recycled foam as the base; real live mosses rooted in a substrate layer in the middle; and an “extremely fluffy” recycled foam with circular cutouts that cup each moss planting. The edges are scalloped to allow users to fit carpets together and form a larger surface. “The moss carpet is like bringing home a piece of freedom,” write the designers. “It is fluffy, relaxing and when you step on it, it makes you dream.”

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Images via Nection Design