The results are in, and the mountain wins – a Washington State Court just ordered architect Tom Kundig to move his controversial Flagg Mountain Hut. The lawsuit was raised by residents of nearby Methow Valley, WA who didn’t like seeing their pristine ridgeline disturbed. Speaking about the decision, Judge Christopher Culp said: “… the hut cuts dramatically into the skyline. It does not attempt to blend with its surroundings: it is in stark and vivid contrast to anything around it. The hut could not have been built in a manner more insensitive to the visual minimizing goals of the Covenants.”

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We asked Inhabitat readers where they stood on Tom Kundig’s Flagg Mountain Hut project, and out of a total of 509 votes, 308 readers feel the hut should be moved and all efforts should be made to preserve the natural views of the area and the wishes of the community should be respected. Another 263 say the construction site is sensitive and the architect and owners have a right to build where they choose on their property. Eight people couldn’t decide one way or the other.

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Kundig is a normally eco-minded architect and the hut was designed with many of the eco-friendly and site-sensitive elements that are characteristic of his designs. But it looks like this time he was barking up the wrong tree . . . er mountain, and now has to move his creation to another location by order of the court.