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One of the coolest features of the Nest is that Romero suspended it from an airplane cable 23 feet off the ground. Unlike more traditional treehouses that are anchored to their base tree, the Nest sways to and fro just like a boat in the wind. We asked Romero what his inspiration for the rustic abode was and (expecting a pretty obvious response) were delighted when he explained that he was actually inspired by “the great pyramids, not to mention that the client lived in a giant copper pyramid!” So the client now owns both a giant copper pyramid and a nest treehouse? So unfair!

Romero is known for his use of recycled materials and like his other works, the Nest was built out of reclaimed teak, mahogany, cedar and gathered twigs, vines and reeds. The roof is made of copper and cedar. It’s also interesting to note that the Nest was completed in 1997, which speaks to the fact that Romero was utilizing salvaged materials long before it was en vogue.

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