Back in 2008, a devastating fire tore through the Bouwkunde building where the Faculty of Architecture at the Delft University of Technology resided, resulting in a loss of more than just a structure, but also a home base for many students and faculty. To put the tragedy in the past, the university set out to start anew with a design competition to rebuild the Bouwkunde that would focus on community, sustainability, and adaptability. One of the designs is from Adam Wojtalik for his masters project, and resembles the biggest skateboard ramp you’ve ever seen. His clever solar panel-clad design for The New Bouwkunde features well thought out work areas for both students and faculty and lots of public space for relaxing and meeting.

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The New Bouwkunde is made up of an eleven story tower connected by a curved glass roof to a five story tower. The two-tower building works to separate student area from the faculty zone, while still housing them in the same complex. Below the towers is a covered green lawn adjacent to a pavilion with a canteen, coffee bar, lounge, book store, exhibition space, all connected to an auditorium.

Half of the curved glass roof would be covered in photovoltaic panels, resulting in 1500 m2 of photovoltaic cells, which produce 4,000 kWh per day of renewable energy. The two tower system allows for a double façade circulation system, increasing the efficiency of natural ventilation. While Wojtalik’s proposal was not a winning design, we like how his concept contains two separate zones for students and faculty, and brings them together on the lower floors. The Winners for the Building for Bouwkunde competition are certainly impressive as well and also worth a look.

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