Jae Kim has created a next generation e-reader concept called The Page that is as thin as a sheet of paper, can fold up and has an e-ink screen that can display text and images. E-readers may be all the rage now with their storage capacities and high-tech wizardry, but they lack a special something that traditional print media still has. Maybe it’s the ability to fold up a newspaper or magazine and stuff it into your bag, or maybe it’s the layout that makes it easier to read. Kim sought to combine the two formats into a high tech reader that has the flexibility of paper.

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The latest e-readers have focused upon changing the layout of media in order to fit text and images onto the screen in an easy to read format. On the other hand, print media lacks the ability to provide copious amounts of new information. Jae Kim, the designer behind Cooperjay, set out to get the best of both worlds with his Page E-Reader concept, which is a flat and foldable digital media device. The reader will be made out of a futuristic e-paper that is easy to fold, semi-transparent, stronger than paper, and weatherproof against wind, rain, snow and sun.

The Page has multiple columns and layouts and can be folded a variety of ways depending on the user’s preferences – anywhere from two to four columns. The paper acts as a screen and will be capable of refreshing as you interact with it, in a similar manner to this flexible screen HP is developing. Only a concept right now, The Page is designed as a newspaper concept and is an exploration into a “medium that conforms to human practices and the varied scenarios of accessing news“.

Via Designboom