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Visiondivision and their helpers employed a variety of gentle techniques to mold the trees in a specific way. These include bending, twisting, pruning, grafting, braiding, and weaving. They have even adjusted how much water and light the trees receive, which in turn controls how they grow. 10 trees were used in all, 4 of which have been set aside to create two pairs of stairs.

The remaining trees are spaced equally in an 8 meter diameter circle and will be guided into their appropriate shapes by a temporary 6 meter high wood tower. Everything in this structure is made from trees, plants, and grass, and when the beautiful cherry trees blossom, so will The Patient Gardener. In a world where we frequently sacrifice aesthetics and sound ecology for speed, this amazing structure is a breath of floral-scented air! For additional diagrams and details, please visit Visiondivision’s website.

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