Who wouldn’t love to go on a 14,000 mile cross-country trip in search for the perfect $100,000 house? While it may sound like the impossible quest, that’s exactly what Karrie Jacobs, founding editor in chief of Dwell magazine did in the summer of 2003.

Her brand new book, “The Perfect $100,000 House” chronicles her journey in search of what she considered the perfect custom home: 1,000 square feet at $100 a square foot. Base on gut more than practical statistics, this number successfully lays the premise that good design doesn’t have to come at a high price.

Promising prospects were found in Crestone, Colorado, Perryvile, MO and Troy, NY — not necessarily hubs of design in the traditional sense – but places with no shortage of innovative ideas when it comes to construction techniques. “The Perfect $100,000 House” makes a compelling case for the variety of options available to prospective home buyers, leaving readers to reconsider their perfect idea of “home.”

The Perfect $100,000 House

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