If you imagine a space where a bunch of poetry-loving social media enthusiasts might work, you would probably envision something exactly like the Poetizer offices. The people who work here are running the largest social network for poetry fans. The company is built around a platform of environmental protection and this office space definitely reflects that.

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Center space filled with greenery

Through Poetizer, anyone can publish and sell their poems and share their words with the world. Located on the first floor of the First Republic in Prague, this office space was designed by Johana Sedláčková Vamberská and architect Tomáš Císař.

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All-white office design with green plants in the middle

The space mimics a serene and modern greenhouse. Plants with amazing foliage and greenery cover the space, adding to the overall design. In fact, 171 plants and more than 100 different species grow around this office space.

Plants climbing around center island space

Meanwhile, there are individual workstations inside arranged into two islands. The spaces then connect to a kitchen and a balcony overlooking the street outside. It’s an interconnected workspace where everything flows together easily.

Plants on stands with natural light

The design was also carefully planned for productivity. Every detail of the design is meant to make it easier to work. Even the colors of the design are carefully selected.

Dark paint office space for contrasting color design

Additionally, color is intentionally used to create certain moods. White is used in workspaces where focus is needed. Meanwhile, dark green fills the space used for team community, creating a more relaxed setting to foster creativity and communication. Orange accents also appear throughout as a reminder of the company’s branding.

Following, this is a living, thriving workspace full of natural beauty. Plants purify the air, delivering healthy and fresh oxygen into the atmosphere continuously. Consequently, it’s a perfect workspace for humans and a perfect way to honor the natural world. This design is a beautiful showcase of how nature and humans can thrive in the same spaces.

+ Tomáš Císař, Johana Sedláčková Vamberská

Images via BoysPlayNice