Like something straight out of a science fiction novel, the SkinGun by RenovaCare sprays a patient’s own stem cells onto their burns, healing them in a fraction of the time it takes to heal after skin graft surgery. New tests revealed just how efficient the innovative medical technology has proven to be so far.

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RenovaCare first developed CellMist technology, which quite literally takes a patient’s stem cells, processes them, and gets them ready to be sprayed onto their wounds with the SkinGun to regenerate into new skin. Previous case studies have shown a person can receive the treatment within 90 minutes of arriving at the emergency room – a crucial window for patients with severe burns and other injuries.

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The recent tests demonstrated how the SkinGun sprays the delicate cells so expertly it covers 200 times more surface area than conventional methods, and it does so gently enough that over 97 percent of the cells remain viable and able to regenerate. President and CEO of RenovaCare, Inc., Thomas Bold, stated, “Data from ongoing preclinical work supports our long-held conviction that our SkinGun™ technology is superior to standard methods for delivering fluids and stem cells to target sites, achieving excellent coverage while being extremely gentle to the cells.”

RenovaCare targets its revolutionary medical technology at the U.S.’ booming $45 billion wound and burn care market. The futuristic device drastically cuts down on healing time, estimating that new skin begins to develop in as little as four days, compared to skin grafting’s weeks of recovery. In the next few decades we could see even more healing devices once thought to only exist in the worlds of fantasy.


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