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The idea behind the pop-up job is twofold: to reinforce the near-intrinsic relationship between coffee and reading and also to encourage consumers to look deeper into the drink they are enjoying. Let’s face it, how many of us take the time to know where our beans are being harvested and roasted and what makes the cappuccino so different from the mocha (apart from the extra chocolate syrup!)

This new concept also makes the coffee shop experience more interactive. Instead of moving straight into line like a robot, customers choose a book on the wall, which they then bring to the counter. There they receive a coffee that matches their chosen “reading material.” And in the reverse, there’s a perforated cutout of a Starbucks tumblr, which is good for regular to coffee drinkers to have since it cuts down a great deal of waste. As usual, the company nails their marketing campaign, and they couldn’t have turned to a better designer to help them do the job.

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