On April 25, 2015, a massive earthquake devastated Nepal, taking 8,712 lives and injuring thousands. Additionally, 505,745 houses were destroyed and 279,330 damaged, displacing more than 11,100 households. In this critical period, ABARI has been active in serving the needs of Nepal by collaborating with other like-minded organizations to promote the establishment of local entrepreneurs and social enterprises by providing support with business development, seed capital, and skill development for poverty alleviation.  So far, ABARI has constructed 21 community shelters, 2 health posts, 92 transitional schools/ community shelters and 178 transitional shelters in Nepal. ABARI uses workshops and training of local populous to share technology and to learn the lost arts of historic building traditions. This give-and-take dynamic allows them to engage with various communities and provide them with a beautiful earthen structure and information on waste water treatment, solar energy utilization and composting while learning new techniques to share with the world.

+ ABARI Foundation: Rebuilding Nepal

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