Zero-waste grocery delivery has made its way to Brooklyn. The Wally Shop is attempting to change the grocery game by delivering local, organic produce from farmers markets and bulk stores to customers. The food is placed in packaging that the company later picks up and reuses.

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The new delivery service wants to help with the global waste problem and reduce addiction to single-use plastic by making sustainable grocery shopping more convenient. The idea came from Wally Shop founder and CEO Tamara Lim after she noticed how much unnecessary packaging was used every day when she managed the packaging and shipping department at Amazon.

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“I want to help break down the boundaries that come with being a sustainable consumer — having a delivery service that brings you local, fresh produce in reusable packaging allows shoppers to make better choices without sacrificing time or convenience,” Lim said. “The reusable packaging supports a shift toward a circular economy, where there is no waste involved.”

The Wally Shop is currently offering produce delivery, but in the coming weeks, it plans to expand to other product categories like meats, seafood, grains and herbs. The company is also committed to transparency with product sourcing by providing their customers with that information on their receipts.

Lim said it is important to provide customers with locally sourced ingredients that have a low carbon footprint and are package-free. She added that this is the healthiest option for customers as well as the environment.

When customers place their orders, The Wally Shop selects the produce and delivers them the same day. This means that the produce goes from farm to table in just hours. Couriers deliver all orders in reusable packaging that they pick up during a future delivery.

This method creates a zero-waste “closed-loop system” that prevents packaging and shipping containers from ending up in a landfill.

Currently, The Wally Shop is operating in select neighborhoods in Brooklyn, but it hopes to expand into other areas in New York City as well as cities like San Francisco and Boston.

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