Shopping while vegan can be tough: in conventional supermarkets, you’re lucky to have a tiny section dedicated to meat and dairy substitutes. Frustration over how difficult it was to shop vegan in Germany led former Mercedes-Benz manager Jan Bredack to start Veganz, the world’s first all-vegan supermarket, in 2011. After spreading from Berlin to 10 different European branches, Veganz is ready to expand to the American market, and the company’s first store is set to open in veggie-friendly Portland, Oregon.

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Veganz stocks its selves with products imported from 30 different countries across the world, offering thousands of vegan products, from plant-based milks and ice cream to vegan cheeses. Even the toiletries and cosmetics come from cruelty-free sources. (For a peak at the incredible range of products Veganz offers at its German branches, check out this blog post.) In addition to Veganz’s food offerings, Bredack hopes to open a restaurant and a shoe and clothing store in Oregon.

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What makes the chain so interesting isn’t just that it carries only 100 percent vegan products. It’s also notable for its marketing strategy. Though Bredack caters to people on a plant-based diet, he says he wants to appeal to omnivores as well. In fact, he estimates a good 80 percent of his customers are neither vegan nor vegetarian, but are interested in exploring a more plant-centered lifestyle.

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