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The team that designed and built the building used FIXCEL ® steel-frame sensors to construct the movable dream. FIXCEL is a triple seamed, steel material that was developed especially for use in modular construction. It is extremely strong in both horizontal and vertical building and is also very lightweight, so it can be used for walls, floors and roofing and it doesn’t need support beams — even over long distances. Plus it’s non-corrosive.

NEAPO thinks that this new building material could help revolutionize the architecture and construction industry by allowing whole buildings to be built inside and then transferred to their final resting places — or perhaps transferred many times, to many places. Building inside allows construction to continue even in poor weather. Removing the building process from nature and putting it indoors could also help minimize environmental damage to construction sites. NEAPO is keeping their eye on mother Earth while revolutionizing the architecture and construction industry – they produce no waste, are powered by wind and use completely recycleable materials. FIXCEL, their material of choice, also has a carbon footprint that is 60% lower than the industry average for comparable products.

NEAPO Via Gizmodo