At nearly 100 feet long and capable of carrying 256 passengers, the Dresden Autotram Extra Grand bus is a behemoth of mass transportation. Consisting of of three accordion-linked cabins, the bus is the longest in the world. With a bus this large, maybe it should be called “massive transit” instead!

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Not only is the bus super-sized, any bus driver can drive it thanks to a unique computer steering system, which keeps the length of the bus precisely in line with the front. Designed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI and the Technical University Dresden, the bus also incorporates green technology with hybrid fuel and an electric engine.

The bus will hit the streets of Dresden, Germany in October once safety testing has been completed. The system is less expensive to run and cheaper to put into operation than a rail commuter system, prompting other cities to inquire about their own super-sized busses.

+ Fraunhofer IVI AutoTram

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