Giles Miller has wooed us with his intricate cardboard creations before, and now he’s brought us the world’s largest cardboard Christmas tree! Standing at roughly 20 feet in the Design Museum London’s public atrium, the tree is comprised of no fewer than 3,600 individually-cut, handmade cardboard pieces. Similar to a fake evergreen, these pieces can be arranged around a central shaft to give the branches that fluid, swirling motion so essential to the nature of a real Christmas tree. Smaller versions of these incredible creations, which Giles designed exclusively for the Design Museum, are on sale to the public. More details after the jump.

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The cardboard trees come in two different sizes: the smaller one is 16.5 inches tall and costs £25 while the larger tree, which is 31.5 inches tall, costs £15 more, and they are both much less messy to deal with than either real or fake alternatives. In order to erect the tree, one need only attach the wooden base and a lovely wooden bird designed by Daniel Heath that accompanies what the Design Museum calls a “bespoke” cardboard tree. Visit the museum shop for more information or to order your own cardboard tree before they’re all swallowed up.

As for the original 20 foot tree, the museum has submitted it to the Guinness Book of World Records in order to make its title as the world’s tallest completely official!

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