Why ride a bike when you can cruise down the street in a pedal-powered Porsche? The Ferdinand GT3 RSX, designed by artist Hannes Langeder, scraps the Porsche’s snazzy engine to make a lightweight, pedal-powered vehicle with tons of storage space.

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The vehicle reportedly took over 1,000 hours to build using sticky tape, plastic pipes, and aluminum foil. Langeder explains the purpose of the pedal-powered Porsche: “The bicycle Porsche immediately raises the question, what was actually the function of the original, the real, ostentatiously powerful, roaring motor vehicle? For me as a passionate cyclist, this results in the associations outlined in the beginning: even the 400 HP powerhouse has no other function than to represent wealth, power or potency.

We would love to test-drive (or test-pedal) the Porsche, but it’s currently on display at the Museum of Art Linz in Austria.

+ Ferdinand GT3 RS

Via Treehugger